SHAG WEEK (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance)

Shag week is a great opportunity to raise awareness and educate the students of LYIT about practicing safe sex, learning about sexual identity and expression and learning the importance and necessity of consent.

It is an educational program to promote safe sex in a fun and effective way. Here in LYIT we will address a range of various sexual health issues including STIS, HIV etc, along with looking at the different methods of using protection. We also strive to have informative classes throughout the year on safe sex, consent, sexual expression and sexual empowerment.

The Student Union provide an unlimited supply of condoms to ensure that our students are always protected. If you are ever in need call on up to the SU office and collect free condoms with discretion and no judgement!

SHAG WEEK will be taking place on the 12th -16th of March 2018.