Class Reps

Well done all in becoming your class representatives, you are now in the position to act as a voice for your class in regards to problems, issues, and ideas. Personally on behalf of the three of us, we are delighted to have you guys on board. Some class reps were voted in on popularity, some via eagerness but let us inform you, this position is highly important as there will be many bumps and tumbles on the way to obtaining your degrees.

First Year Representatives

First of all welcome and I hope you have a great first year in LYIT. If you put yourself forward as a 1st year class rep, you’re main role for the first few weeks is to make sure everyone in your class gets to know each other and settles into Letterkenny okay. The easiest way of doing this is to arrange some kind of social events for the class – whether it’s class parties or a night out on the town (but remember some of your classmates might not be 18), or to arrange some other activities like bowling, girls vs. boys tag rugby or five-a-side football, a house party and so on. You’re also guaranteed to score that girl or boy you fancy in your class if you’re the natural born leader who organizes a savage party! Think about it!

Information on Class Reps

Class reps play an active role in helping students progress through college through representation. The class representatives act as a spokesperson, they engage with lecturers, the Student Union and their Head of department. This is to ensure correct practice throughout the year. There are around 100 class reps in Letterkenny IT.  One class rep for a class with 30 or less students, two for classes of 30-71 students, and 3 if your class more than 71 students.

Your job as a class rep is primarily to communicate any issues or problems your classmates are having to the Students’ Union officers. There will be several Class Rep Meetings each semester which you’ll be asked to attend.

How do I become a class rep?

First of all anyone interested in a Class rep must speak now. If there is two or more members who wish to become a class rep, then a vote takes place. The candidate with the most votes is elected. Please do not vote for someone who is not going to be present all year, this is because you will have no proper representative throughout the year.

Lecturers will be notified to host class rep elections. You’re lecturers haven’t held class rep elections after a week or so, give Dylan McGowan, the Students’ Union President, who organizes the class reps system across campus, a shout in the Students’ Union and he’ll arrange an election for you guys and girls.

Role and Function of Class Representatives

Your job as a class rep is primarily to communicate any issues or problems your classmates are having to the Students’ Union officers, Lecturers and specific department. There will be several Class Rep Meetings each semester which you’ll be asked to attend.

Reps are elected to represent students’ views to the LYIT and LYIT SU and are an important contact point for students to get information on all LYIT SU activities, campaigns and events.

They provide the most effective way for classes and individual students to escalate any ongoing problems or issues to the elected officers/staff if necessary, updates and solutions on such matters should be communicated back to the Class by the Class Rep. This flow of information and action through the system is crucial. It enables LYIT SU to be responsive to student needs and this in turn strengthens the power of the Union to lobby for positive change.

What does a Student Union do?

We are students who have been elected by the student body to represent you for this year as full time officers. We are located in An Danlann and our priority is to help all students, no matter how big or small the issue may be, should it be financial or emotional difficulty, problems with lecturers or landlords, even just a quick chat. If we don’t have an answer, we will most certainly do our best to find someone who will.

Welcome from the Student President

Hi Everyone,

My name is Dylan and I’d like to thank you all for taking part in the class rep program. Many people think this might be ineffective or no benefit to them but I can guarantee, this is not the case. At least once every year you will have a problem with studies, finances, lecturers or workload. This is why the class rep program is here, we as union officers are here to make your 3 to 4 years as workable and satisfactory as possible.

Communication between the Student Union and class reps is essential in working forward with you and the student’s you represent. If you guys have any enquiries don’t hesitate to come forward to ask, we are here to help the students. Best of luck to anyone who takes the position and see you at Class Rep training which will be a plenty of banter.


Dylan McGowan