Grants & Funding

Student Grants

The student grant is a source of financial help provided by SUSI. The grant is analysed on thresholds such as distance from the college as well as your salary and your parents. Students who are eligible for the grant should use the to find the correct ways in seeing whether you are in your right to receive a grant.

Who do I apply to?

SUSI is in the only way of applying for the grant application. Students who are new or have changed their courses should apply via the website The methods in applying for online grants are available on

What are the thresholds in receiving the college grants?

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How do I contact SUSI?

Phone: 0761 08 7874
Facebook: Susi Support
Twitter: Susi Helpdesk

Can I still apply for the grant in 2015/2016?

The closing date for new student grant applications was Saturday 1st August 2015. Applications received by this date will receive priority processing. However, the system is still open and they can continue to accept new and renewal grant applications for the 2015/2016 academic year. If you wish to submit an application, please create an account as soon as possible using the following link –

I have approved for the grant, how do I receive payments?

Payments are received on a monthly basis electronically through the banks. The full fees or percentage of fees will be paid also electronically by SUSI.

If I am refused the grant, can I appeal to the decision and how?

Yes, if you feel that you are in the correct circumstances and criteria to receive the grant then it is recommended to appeal. This must be completed within 30 days of your previous grant application.