Mary O’Shea

SU President

M: 086 7702701

“Once upon a time there was a young girl from County Clare, her name was Mary. One day she had a marvellous idea to become the next Student Union President at Letterkenny IT and voila, a few months later she was living the dream. Her office was conveniently located beside the gym where she spent most of her time. During her year as President she achieved great things and was loved by one and all across the land. The End.”

Rahoo rahoo I don’t know about you but I am über excited for the year ahead. My name is Mary O’Shea and having put down four glorious years studying at Letterkenny, I decided to run for President. My role as President is to represent you as best I can on both a local and national level. My college experience has been phenomenal and I truly want you to have just as good an experience as I had, if not better!

The Student Union are here to make that a reality. For those of you coming from secondary school, mature students and international students, the Student Union is made up of three full-time officers, we are myself, Paul Lynch and Danny G. We exist because we were elected by the student body as representative figures for all students of LYIT (so essentially we work for you!). With that said, if you have any queries or any issues at all, be it exams, financial difficulties, accommodation or coursework problems, don’t be shy, come and talk to one of us. Find us upstairs in An Danlann.

Lookit, LYIT is a small college, you’ll notice it has a fun, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. Let’s try and keep it that way. Please make an effort to be kind, respectful, encouraging and supportive to everybody on campus. Get out there and make new friends! ENGAGE! Go to class, get involved with clubs and societies, go on nights out but do be careful. Go on adventures, appreciate the beauty of Donegal but above all appreciate how lucky you are to be in the position you now find yourself.

I cannot wait to meet all of you very soon. Go raibh maith agat as léamh. Thanks for reading. Peace out