Self Care

Self-care is what people do in order for themselves maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent with illness.

It is a broad concept encompassing:

  • hygiene (general and personal);
  • nutrition (type and quality of food eaten);
  • lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure etc.);
  • environmental factors (living conditions, social habits, etc.);
  • socioeconomic factors (income level, cultural beliefs, etc.);
  • self-medication.

Students need to look after their body and welfare while being away from home. Many students are leaving home for the first time any may find it difficult to adapt.

The Student Union recommend you follow a few of these simple tips:

  1. Get the amount of sleep needed to function.
  2. Try and maintain a healthy diet.
  3. If stress is pestering you, try exercising to sweat the stress out of your body.
  4. Talk to your friends, family and your student union.
  5. Try out new hobbies, there is plenty of activities available in LYIT.
  6. Sit back and relax your body, you don’t having to be on the go all the time.
  7. Be positive about everything, always try and look on the bright side.
  8. Don’t let your emotions take control, process and use them for your benefit.
  9. Release your spiritual side, say a prayer or listen to your favourite music peacefully.
  10. Treat your workload as a challenge.