Study Tips

Study Tips

Studying for exams can be stressful, but without study we can also find it very hard to progress and achieve the level of degree we wish to receive.

Here’s ten study tips and techniques that can help you progress in LYIT:

  1. Design a timetable that you can realistically work with.
  2. Speak to your classmates and form study groups.
  3. Turn off and log out of all social media pages to avoid distractions.
  4. Take regular breaks to freshen your mind.
  5. Keep hydrated; drink plenty of water to ensure your body is fully functional.
  6. Use existing exam papers to analyse and answer questions that may come up.
  7. Look after your body during exam periods, nights out will not help you progress.
  8. Don’t leave your studying until the last minute.
  9. Make sure to get enough rest before you exam.
  10. Organise your notes, diagrams and equipment.

Websites for Study Tips

Many different websites offer support to student who need advice on exams and study. Have a look on the links below to try and aid and develop your own study techniques.