What is BICS?

BICS is a national organisation constituted in 1995, dedicated to providing a national forum for the societies in Ireland’s Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Education. 

The Board is responsible for the promotion of interest in the activities of Irish college societies and of contact and co-operation between them.

Since 1995, BICS has met many of its objectives, in particular the exchange of information and most successfully, the inauguration of the National Society of the Year Awards.  BICS also acts as an information resource and support mechanism for society administrators throughout the country, promoting the sharing of ideas and the implementation of best practice.


The Letterkenny Institute of Technology Clubs and Societies Programme is an affiliated member of the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS).  Winners from the LYIT Student Achievement Awards go on to represent LYIT at the BICS National Awards Ceremony each year.  This national event recognises and celebrates, among other areas; the civic, charity, community and voluntary work undertaken by students at third level colleges.

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