“Being a third level student is fantastic. Being a third level student is hard. Being a third level student is a unique and special experience like no other!”

SU President

Paul Lynch

P: 074 91 86820
M: 086 7702701

SU President

Hello everybody. My name is Paul Lynch and I will be your Student Union President for the 2018-19 academic year. Having completed four years in law and one year as Welfare officer, I can honestly say that I am super excited and humbled to be able to represent you, the student, for the coming academic year!

What is it that I do?

Well without boring you down with too much information, my main role is to represent the students of this college.  I do this as a representative locally, through the likes of Governing Body and Academic Council; and nationally, through USI and the Alcohol Forum.

How does one person manage to represent each student?

The simple answer to that is; with the help of every student, especially the team of Sabbatical Officers and Class Reps.  Class reps are the students who you will find in every class.  These legends often contact the Student Union to inform us of issues that may arise, both in and out of class.  They also give the Student Union ideas for improvements for the union or the college.

The Sabbatical Officers are the people who have been voted in by you, the student, to work on ensuring every student has a fantastic experience here in the college.  The sabbatical team this year consists of myself, William Daly (Welfare/Equality Officer) and Siobhan Howe (Education/Communications Officer).

What should a student expect when deciding to study here at LYIT?

Well that question is easy.  You should expect a close knit community within the college with friendly students and staff who are always willing to help when asked.  When starting somewhere new, it may be daunting and scary, but remember, along with you will be around 1000 other students with the exact same thoughts and fears.  With that in mind, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath, walk over to someone new and introduce yourself.  I can guarantee you by doing so, you will have made many friends by the end of your first week!

I really look forward to meeting all the returning students this year and the students who are just beginning.  If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, always feel free to call up to the Student Union offices, as we are always open to a good conversation with great students!

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